Saint Petersburg State University
V. A. Fock Institute of Physics and Physical Faculty
Department of Quantum Magnetic Phenomena


International Symposium and Summer School
in Saint Petersburg

"Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Condensed Matter"


Forthcoming NMRCM-2011

8th Meeting "NMR in Life Sciences" (June 27 - July 1, 2011)

Recent NMRCM-2010

7th Meeting "NMR in Heterogeneous Systems" (June 28 - July 2, 2010)
Book of Abstracts, photo gallery


6th Meeting "NMR in Heterogeneous Systems" (June 29 - July 3, 2009)
Book of Abstracts, report, some photos

5th Summer School (4-5 July 2008) - satellite of EUROMAR-2008
Read report in AMPERE Bulletin No. 234 (pages 11-17) and also article in Russian in journal "Saint Petersburg University"
Photos: First impressions from EUROMAR and gallary from both NMRCM and EUROMAR

4th Meeting "NMR in Life Sciences" (9-13 July 2007)
Book of Abstracts

3rd Meeting "NMR in Heterogeneous Systems" (9-13 July 2006)
Book of abstracts and report

2nd Meeting "NMR in Life Sciences" (11-15 July 2005)
Report, book of abstracts

1st Meeting "NMR in heterogeneous systems" (12-16 July 2004)
Report, book of abstracts