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Monday, October 14

M. Shelyapina (Introduction, )

V. Chizhik (Introduction, )

D. Galvan (Invited lecture)
1H-MoS2 nanoparticles grown on graphene and 1H-BN mono layers

A. Simakov (Invited lecture, )
Selective oxidation of renewable wood compounds over supported gold catalysts

B. Acosta (Oral, )
Highly Stable Au-Pd@Oxide Nanoreactors in the Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol

V. Evangelista (Oral, )
Gold based nanoreactors decorated with ceria

K. Klyukin (Oral, )
First-principles calculations of site occupation and hydrogen migration in magnesium

M. Hernandez (Invited lecture)
External area assessment in hybrid materials with cellular regeneration properties

E. Serova (Oral)
Saint Petersburg State University: Academic mobility in science

Tuesday, October 15

V. Petranovskii (Invited lecture, )
Synthesis of nanoparticles templated by zeolite matrices: Advantages and disadvantages

C. López-Bastidas (Invited lecture, )
Plasmons in Metal Nanoparticles on Zeolite Template

O. Jaime-Acuña (Oral, )
Atomic and electronic structure of CdxZnyS nanoparticles supported on mordenite-type zeolite

I. Zvereva (Invited lecture, )
Development of thermal analysis for the investigation of nanostructural layered materials

I. Rodionov (Oral, )
Photocatalytic properties of perovkite-type layered oxides

P. Tolstoy (Oral, )
Introduction to center for magnetic resonance at St Petersburg State University

A. Gurinov (Oral, )
NMR study of Lewis and Brønsted acidic centers of aluminated SBA-15 Silicas

E. Kurenkova (Oral, )
NQR/NMR studies in zero-field at Center for Magnetic Resonance

A. Shmyreva (Oral, )
Investigation of metal nanoparticles by the example of Co-59 NMR technic

E. Charnaya (Invited lecture)
NMR studies of nanostructured sodium and sodium-potassium alloy