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How to get there?

Organised transfer to the conference

Bus leaves on Sunday, April 23 from the gathering place 100 meters from the subway station Avtovo no later than 11:30. Gathering place - str. Zaitseva at the corner of the house 67k4. On the map digit 2.


If you are late for the bus, please call the responsible for the collection on the phone +7 (911) 799-10-22 (Veronika).

If you can not to take a bus, then be sure to read the information below.

On the shuttle bus

On the shuttle bus 827 to stopping Repino.

Departure every hour from the station subway Grazhdanskiy avenue (This the ultimate, a preferred embodiment) or Prosvesheniya avenue (On the opposite side from both subway stations).

Information and timetable.

By bus

211 route of the bus. You can sit at the bus stop near the metro Chernaya rechka, further at any stop on the street Savushkina. On the road for about 1 hour. It costs about 80 rubles.

By an electric train

From Finlyandskiy railway station by an electric train to the station Repino (45 minutes), further go through Zelenogorsk highway and walk for about 10-15 minutes.

Cost of 80 rubles. Look Yandex timetable

By car

From the Ring Road to Repino can be reached quickly in two ways:

  1. At Primorsky highway along the Gulf of Finland (about 30 minutes)
  2. At to the intersection the WHSD with Zelenogorsky highway and further to the Repino (about 20 minutes). Directions for WHSD paid.

In the Navigator, you can specify the address: Primorskoe Highway 427.

By taxi

For information:. Taxi number 333-0000 from subway station Chernaya rechka - Baltiets (Primorskoe Highway 427) calls cost 1090 rubles. This is the minimum price that we found.